FMP: The brief

As part of the Final Major Project we were asked to write a brief for our project. This was a great learning curve as we did things the other way round. This project was one and only project where we were entirely in charge of everything from the theme to the making process. It is a very independent project where you have an opportunity to challenge yourself one lat time when you are still in the safe university environment.

There is so many different briefs from very detailed to pretty much ones that are not written down but shared verbally. I have tried for my brief to be quite clear what is expected and what is the purpose of the brief. I have also specified what outcomes are expected and highlighted what technical and creative requirements are. When it comes to use of software I have put “recommended” as I understand that the software that I use is not necessarily used for stop motion animation. I believe that the brief still needs tweaking but it is pretty much clear on what is the purpose of it, the challenges and how to achieve the desired goals. I have also set myself a deadline which is doable and the deadline I will be aiming at. I have given myself two weeks before the final deadline for the finishing touches and a leeway for when things don’t go as planned.

Brief jpg.jpg

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