Visual Sound Final: part 1

This blog post will be divided into two sections as the amount of work I have generated since my last blog (“Psychological hellish twilight zone”) is rather significant. I will include the final animation in part 2 along with more explanations of the thought process. I have decided to spend more time on this project to challenge myself learning new skills and trying to reach higher standards of my work.

I have introduced the character in my last blog post who is causing chaos and destruction. He is the instigator for all of the senses getting confused and malfunction. His pet is a finger that symbolises touch-most sensitive of the senses.

The curious eye

We live in the ocularcentric world where vision is considered to be the noblest of the senses. However can we really trust our vision and believe in everything we see? Vision can be one of the most deceiving senses and the power of it can be detrimental.

eye made out of plasticine


More scenes involving the eye



Deaf ear

For centuries hearing hasn’t been considered as an important sense and along with touch has been seen as a weak, basic animal sense. Since vision has been seen as the noblest, hearing has been put on the side and the importance of it underestimated.


I have made a clay ear which yet to be animated with a goo coming out of it to reflect how what we hear and tend to listen to/believe can brain wash you.

Lose tongue

They say words can kill but what if we kill words. When what we say no longer makes sense and it doesn’t matter. The things that we say no longer come from what we think but how we have been influenced to think. We think he have a freedom of word whereas nowadays we have no freedom.


I have also created a mouth to accompany the tongue
Still from the tongue scene





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