Boundaries: physical model making

In order to enhance the experiences of the viewers I have decided to recreate the balconies in 4D. I absolutely love modelling so this is work and fun put together. I like to recreate it in a very realistic way (not to realistic as I need to bear time in mind).

I enjoy recreating digital props but the actual physical prop is way more engaging. Also this is a physical one so people can touch it and look closely but most importantly the prop of the idea/concept we had can be presented so as viewer can better visualise what it may look like in real life.

Have gone to 4D shop and absolutely love it there. I am a huge fun of miniatures too so it was fun. All together I needed exactly 400 tiny bricks.


All the bricks have been put toter in a professional brick layering way using some grout ha.


Tiles for the roof made from foam and painted with acrylics to give it that old look.

I will also use the trees I made for my previous project


I have made a pavement from clay which I have then added texture to it with various tools. After drying I have painted it grey.




Windows were made with match sticks and then painted it with oil paint.


Also small door has been made.

Few pictures from work in progress.

cut out for the base

Planning was the key as I needed to make sure I put things on in a correct order and don’t leave anything behind.



Here is the photoshoot of the model. Modelling at its best.

turntable for the presentation


balconies made of plastic sticks cut into identical shapes
windows with acetate sheet as a glass


graffiti on the shatters were made by the team member Emma
model presented with the prototype

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