D&AD competition final

This brief I must say was one of the shortest as we were given for it couple of months as the deadline was on the 20th of March. I have taken on the challenge to have it finished and submitted on that day. Research for me was the most important part as I believe the concept is the key as it is a competition for an idea not the final finished and polished visuals. Visuals are important as you need to show how would you execute the idea.

I have explained the concept in my previous blogs now the challenge is to clearly present it in 8jpgs. I have opted for the presentation. Also most of Adidas ads are videos and I wanted my idea to be an animated short sequence.

Of course after submission there is “I wish I have done this and that” but I was proud that I have managed to come up with a decent concept and put it together while working on other projects and still hit the deadline. The presentation itself would do with some more work to possibly make it look more professional but here it is:


Introducing the concept on inner energy as this is what the campaign will revolve around. Also introducing the symbol as it will also take part in the story.


Explaining the connection that power of the mind has with weigh lifting which is very close however yet not recognised by everyone.


Introduction to the story as the campaign will have a short story of how the inner energy can empower you and protect from everyday challenges.


Explanation into how the campaign can be experienced via apps.


In the end I explained how the whole campaign has connection with the Adidas brand and what they stand for. Also explains how the brand will be revealed.


Here is the motion graphics animation I created and this is a version when the Adidas sign turns the right way round. I have now realised that the use of font may need to be consistent throughout but that can be changed at any time.

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