Portfolio in making

It’s the time of the year to gather all of my best work to show to the world. As a part of the university project we were asked to make both digital and physical portfolio. I am glad that it is a project so as we get more time for it and more focus than last year students who had to prepare all this along with other projects. I have already crated a draft for when we were looking for work placement. Here it is in my blog:Portfolio draft. I have made few changes since but nothing major.

We have also been given an opportunity to have one on one 20 minutes session with Fig Taylor who has visited us last year. A persuasive portfolio- Fig Taylor.

This time it was so much better for us as she could advise us individually. She works with illustrators and graphic designers so she said she cant advise me much on animation industry but what was useful she said to also brand myself as 3D illustrator to open more doors. I have suggested that apart from animating the puppets that I make I like to make sure I photograph it to either use as an introduction to the character or a promo poster for the animation etc.

I was also happy as I got good feedback on my portfolio. She said that the volume of work I have and the consistency of it is very good and the way I put it all together. She advised short title and one sentence descriptions for the project is enough. It obviously varies on what jobs I apply for but it is enough to keep the interest of the viewer going and not to overwhelm. What I am going to do is stick with the approach and be selective with the work that I do. I will also use the same approach for my website which I am constructing on Squarespace.

Rather than overload of stills from the animation I will include 4: 1 big tointroduce main character, 3 smaller ones and there is still space to put quick description.

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 09.45.50.png

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 09.59.12.png

I will also include short animations/GIFS that I make using the clay elements that I make for the animations. I like to do that in my spare time so even though those elements don’t play huge role in the animations I give it new life.

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 09.21.31

I will also use two pages for set design and model making. This is an example of what I could include however will still go through my work to select best ones. I may also photograph the building model with my hands there so as it can reflect on the scale.

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 09.21.45

Page each will be given to my two other animations. I know those are very amateur as one is from year 1 and the other year 2 but I want to show different approaches I have used and it also shows my problem solving skills.

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 09.28.40

I have been thinking of my logo and name and I have made clay typography. I also liked making 3D type.

AClay typography

Using the clay typography and the character I made below I want to record a quick introduction to “Aga Animates”.


I must say that last time we had a session about portfolios the work I had was pretty much all I did for university and because project varied from one another my work was pretty much like a miss match. We had only one project where moving image could be an outcome. I understand as the course is illustration not animation.

I would like my portfolio to reflect the work I have done so far and also show clearly what I am interested and skilled in yet I wouldn’t want that to limit me as I want to discover more of what I can do. 80% of work that is in my portfolio I have produced within a year as first year of the study was pretty much experimental for me and half way then the second I had a chance to do more of moving image. That assures me that with experience I can thrive even more. It may sound big headed but I am talking about my personal progress not comparing myself with anyone else. I compete with my last project in order to improve my skills.

My physical portfolio updates will come soon. I will explain how I am planning to present my animation in physical form.

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