FMP project progress

Since my last blog post recording scene went with full throttle. I have done few outdoor scenes but I made sure that each time the outdoors is taking place at the different spot so it all won’t be repetitive.

Chicken Russian roulette

This scene brings back the memory of me and my notorious bicycle that had breaks that wouldn’t always work you just couldn’t predict. My mum would always warn me not to cycle around animals but as a kid you just don’t take things seriously.

Picture of the set. Doesn’t look too promising as the problem was to make a sky so I have used blue-grey backdrop.


I have made it a it more detailed than any other backgrounds to get more textures and make it feel like outside.

testing out me sitting on a bike

I wasn’t quite happy with how it came out but I knew I still wanted to apply some effects to make it look more like 80’s image.


And here after applying the effects. The image is less rich and crispy deliberately to make it look more like an old memory.


Examples from my own album of what sort of colours I wanted to achieve.

Here is some more images from outdoor scenes.

Me plotting a prank on my sister
sister stepping on the garden fork
hiding chicken who fell victim to my faulty breaks
scene with a snow

This also gave an opportunity to introduce this beaut.

Fiat 126p

Yet another scene where the road is involved I shot from above. I have also learnt to make sure I do different camera angles when required and so as each scene isn’t done just straight on as it can be a bit monotonic.

Here is the road made of clay.


One of the scenes where we used to lay on the road and the other sibling would look out for cars. The adrenaline kick was amazing however the day one of the cars that appeared was our mum…


Pretty much the effect of our risky play. We used to stay unattended a lot as mum had to go to work and we would come up with weirdest games. Outdoor play was big and possibilities endless.


Behind the scenes accidents are always “fun”  to experience…not

The moment when I try to make the leg move but the heavily superglued shoe comes off..well not going to mention how many times each scene needed redoing due to unexpected incidents.

How about a broken arm…ouch


Here is just some of the work produced. I have cracked on also with the introduction to the animation, and all together recoded 9 scenes. I have given myself a deadline to have all scenes finished by the end of Easter break which is 29th of April. Also I do editing as I go. The final step would be voiceover and making of the photo album which I will blog once that begins.

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