Visual Sound Final: Part 2

In this part of the blog I was briefly write about the progress I have made with my final outcome for this project. I am extremely proud of it as when I look back at the experimentation I have done I would never guess that is where it will take me. I have also taken time to plan and make rather than rush through it. I knew it will be tricky to do it on top of the rest of the projects however I was ready for the challenge and used my time management skills to make sure other projects are not neglected.

I have created clay nose and used the mouth made previously to challenge the sense of smell. Once again the sense is being sabotaged by the cruel character who messes with all of the senses.


I have created a small book with the stills from the animation for the viewer to be able to look closer at the characters I have designed. I will also use this as a physical presentation for my physical portfolio which is one of the requirements for my university outcome.

The front and the back page I used my favourite images to give a sneak peak of the character from the back and front.




Not sure how many rules I have broken creating this book but my focus was to make sure the images are good quality and give an insight into my animation in non motion way. For this there is no rules just like my animation is a creation of chaos. I believe that stills from the animation can speak for itself and are interesting on its own.

And here is the final outcome which I am very much proud of. I know the longer I will have to make it the better it would be. I have learnt more in the process than I have possibly learnt through my entire course and I am happy that I have discovered my true passion and something that comes naturally to me. Taking risks and challenging myself paid off.


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