Work Placement publication progress

In my previous blog posts I have described the progress of my work placement, what I have learnt and what type of work I have produced during that period. I have been collating all the work as I went however now it’s time to put it all together into decent publication. As you may know I am not a graphic designer and this is something far from what I am good at and I want to do for a living but I have allowed myself extra time to make sure I do the best to my abilities. You cannot possibly be good at everything but I always try my best to meet the course needs and also learn skills that may come useful one day. As my work placement was at the studio that produces motion graphics I had a challenge of presenting my work etc in non moving images.

Here is what I have done so far. I might opt for A5 format so at it can be a handy small book with matte paper.

Back and front cover with a design that will b explained inside the publication.  There will be a repeating theme of coloured pages that I have edited to create some sort of movement with shapes. I have used variety of colour as motion graphics is about vibrancy and also I have a lot of screenshots from the computer screen and need to make sure it doesn’t look dull.

page 12

For the opening page I have used the 3D type I created during my work placement. I wanted to use it as a title to each page however the type is too strong

I have added 8 pages to introduce the studio I was at to show what type of work they do and also to give a vibe of the environment I was in.

I have kept amount of type minimal just to explain what each page is about and why I have included it in my publication.

I have kept amount of images per page limited so as it is not too clattered. I only include more images if it’s a sequence

I feel like some pages look dull however I find it difficult to present movement on a flat page. It won’t give away the experimentation that I have done in Cinema 4D and it flattens the 4D effect.

I made sure I have explained what I have learnt during my work placement and tried to keep it relatively simple for those who haven’t got knowledge about motion graphics.

Overall I am happy with the outcome as I have spent a lot of time on it knowing my skills are strong in other areas but at the same time I wanted this publication to reflect my time at Earth London TV well enough.

Here is a published version on ISSUU. I will still go over it before I send it to print to make sure there is no grammar mistakes and everything is even.

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