Creative CV progress

It’s the time to finally turn my boring corporate CV into creative one. I have been in employment for the past 14 years so I ned to find a way to show that I am a mature student and that the experience that I have is transferable. The work ethics and life skills I already have will definitely befit me in the creative industry.

As per usual the challenge for me is to design my CV but not overdo it too much. I decided to used the clay portrait I made originally for my portfolio. I am imitating the old school type of CV’s where you had to include your photograph. I will be also using the clay type I made. This is to simply show the type of work that I produce and I think it does give the character to my CV.

About me

I am testing out the idea of coloured background however I think at this stage is where  I need to stop and take a step back.

cv test 2

I quite like this colour of the background but I need to remember that what I like may not be liked by everyone and also playing safe in this situation is good so I may stick with white.

CV test 3

This is an experimentation of I could d the layout potentially and using the clay balls I could separate each section.

CV test


This is pretty much very close to the final. I may tweak the icons a bit to make it smaller but every time I go back to it I improve it more and more.  I still need to write more about me and then I don’t want to go on and on just straight to the point. In the end I decided to remove the balls that would score the level of skills. I think that scoring yourself doesn’t look good as we don’t know what are you scoring yourself against and also you not score yourself enough on some skills which might be high enough for some workplaces. I have also included my previous degree that I have started but due to lack of funding I haven’t finished.

CV 1.jpg


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