Physical portfolio progress

Yet another challenge to create a physical portfolio. As you may have seen in my blogs I mostly create moving image and physical puppets which obviously cannot go in my portfolio. I always make sure I photograph my puppets to the best standards so as it can represent my work to the best quality. The only way to present moving image in the physical form is to print off the stills from the animation.

While creating my animations I have taken that into consideration and set myself yet another challenge of creating a physical version of my animations. My animations are a sequence and tell a story so it is important to me that the stills from the animation do reflect that. For my FMP I am making a photo album and the stills from the animation will be printed as photographs in the sequence that shows each scene. For the Project 1 Visual Sound I have also made a book with the stills.

Here is few different types of portfolio folders I have looked at. I didn’t want to go for the box as it might be too deep and look maybe too much like a storage that a portfolio.

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 15.00.12Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 15.02.37Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 15.02.42

This type of folder looks practical to me as it can expand depending on the work you put in there so my work won’t be there all lose moving around. I can also decorate the folder to personalise it. I can print an image on the sticker paper. Nothing too crafty yet not too corporate.

When it comes to presenting my character design I decided to print each one off in A3 on poster like paper. I have also tested out the idea naming each one using my good old clay type. Each character is special to me and I want to to be presented as something important. Also character design is what I want to highlight in my portfolio most than anything else.

I have tested out the way to place the name in different ways: box and name, white line at the bottom with the name, name on the top with changed colour. I have also tried to change brightness of the type to just leave outlines.

On my other character I tried to do different colour for the clay type. I will pick a colour from the character and colorise the type. Here I used his pants to pick colour. As you can see the original pinkish colour blends in too much with the puppet and the background.

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 15.48.59screen-shot-2019-05-09-at-15.51.03.png

I still need to figure out how to present my other animation stills. I may use less images for the other animations that I want to include in my portfolio maybe 3-6 of each. Could be the same images as I have used for my PDF portfolio.

I have also tried to design my front cover or how to represent my logo/identity. I have used again clay type and the clay portrait that I have made specifivally for my portfolio yo introduce myself. It may seem like everything is repetitive but at the same time I try to keep everything in one particular recognisable to me style. 

Aga animates.jpg


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