Placards under construction

This is the first time I was stuck with a project badly.. Even though I liked this project I don’t think my focus was all there.

I’ve decided to stick with a slogan “walk your own route”. Speaking to one of my tutor was groundbreaking for me as I didn’t just decided 100% which slogans to pick but also how to approach the visual aspects.

My miniature trainer key ring became useful


I have opted for photomontage using photos of my feet in different locations and on different surfaces. To add more variety I will be wearing different shoes.

Letter “W”

I will use simple white background so it won’t distract from the images. I am glad to hear that we can print A2 placards as one of the ideas are didn’t consider as I wasn’t sure where I can print it. Now it makes it much easier and it allows me to do more 3D ideas.

“Protect your mind” to raise awareness about mental health. People need to take care of their minds more and don’t allow anything to influence and harm it.

My first idea was to do letters using fabrics and just stuff it with cotton buds but as usual I came up with an idea that will take longer but I really wanted to give it a go. I decided to do 3D letters.


3D soft letters in making

I can also colour it with markers

FullSizeRender (73)

I have noticed that when it comes to working with type I was worried that I may struggle and I was right. Finding my own way to approach this project was important as it made it more possible for me to visualise my ideas. All I need to do now is to photogrph it and think of how to arrange it. Maybe simply on a white background or on a wooden shelf?

Portfolio photography 

Today’s session was well needed for me.. I didn’t pay much attention to pictures that I upload on my blog maybe because I would do it in a rush sometimes. There have been so many new things I have learnt that would skip my mind most of the time. I am glad that everything is becoming more clearer now and I can see development. We all may think that things like presenting your work nicely is obvious but when it comes to doing it we tend to neglect it.

You can see how the colour of the image depends on the light. It can totally change it.

blog pic

Playing around with colour of the artwork and background: grey on green and green on grey. I still need to work on my work looking more professional because I have a tendency of making things theatrical and over the top. I will do my best to present my work on my blog with more care as you never know who can see it.



I think that picking a colour for the background that goes well with your artwork is the key for a good photoshoot. It’s important that background doesn’t distract from the artwork but complements it.

I believe that gold background worked well with darker images.

Photographing your work is not as hard as it may seem. Even without having a professional equipment you can still make it look more appealing. We are lucky that we can always access facilities at university and make the most out of it.

My first encounter with a photoshoot where I had to art direct my work was during animation. It really made me pay more attention to the quality of lights and image itself. I undertand a lot more now how to treat my work with respect it deserves. Not just how to present it but also to handle it in my portfolio.

Work must go on…

From the idea of floating letters and slogan “Always stay on top” I decided to go back to my original slogan “don’t sink in politics’ shit”. When it comes to type I will try to recreate letters that would look like an actual poo. If not the water will be brown.  I knew I cannot just stick with something normal and it always comes down to toilet and doo doo with me ha.

Instead of putting letters in the sink I can use an actual toilet. Obviously my own which is so clean you can eat from it.


Going back to the first slogan “Protect your mind” I have redone it as well. Instead of soldiers helmet I may use a condom. Condom to protect your head from “Socially Transmitted Delusions (STD), Protect your mind” or to be more specific Social media Transmitted Delusions. Having STD as a key word would justify the use of condom as a shape, again protection=condom, mind=hat. I think I am heading the right direction but once again I am not giving type enough consideration.

PLACARD 1 test

This is just a test which I don’t necessarily like but that’s just a start. I thought about making it look like a NHS leaflet but they are rather boring so instead I played around with text and colours of NHS sign. When I start testing out ideas it always generates something new so I am not worried how it will look in the end.

The third slogan is still in dispute which I need to resolve either today or tomorrow.

Project 3 experimentation

Alan Kitching is a British graphic designer, animator, architect and software developer. There is a lot of practitioners whose work I don’t particularly like and get it. I look for those who inspire me and trigger ideas in my head to the point when I just want to give it a go by myself.

I like the idea of the textured type. I could use type and embed images or shapes in the text so still main focus is on the text. I could use letterpress room and the wooden type to do it and then edit it digitally. However first of all I need a slogan that I could use and make it work effectively.


Maybe slogan similar to  “It’s what inside that counts” could work as type could have some interesting  texture inside. Or the other way round-outside text all pretty and colourful but inside dark and rotten?

It also reminded me when I have turned one of the words created in the letterpress room digital and created more texture to it. I like this type of type rather than when the type is all filled in and perfectly straight.indesign stuff

My second idea for a slogan was something like “Don’t sink in to this world’s cruelty” or “don’t sink under the pressure”. It gave me an idea to create floating letters. I have used slogan “Always stay on top”. It actually is hard to come up with a slogan on demand and a slogan that is not out there yet. I also need to remember to keep it short so the placard is not too clattered.

placard 2

I must’ve looked at this picture loads of times and only yesterday I realised I missed out letter “Y” in word “always”…interesting

I have added some soap to the water as foam keeps the letters more still. I have also added some colour and maybe I will experiment with the colour of the water? Or simply add some effects in Photoshop and learn some new skills at the same time. Yes I am obsessed with digital package recently after doing my animation my confidence has gone up. My work may be very basic but I love the learning curve and to see the progress.


Saul Bass-Thinking made visual

Looking for inspiration for my A2 placard I refer back to the list of recommended practitioners.

The moment I saw Saul Basses’s work I realised I have seen his film posters before. He is an American graphic designer and an award-winning film maker who created work for starts such as Alfred Hitchcock.

saul bass

I have gained great interest in creating posters and zines after our screen printing session. It happens a lot the time that when I look for an inspiration for one project and find ideas for another one. His work prompted me to go back to the Typography brief and redo my typographic posters. Who would have thought that I will enjoy doing digital work this much. I am surprising myself all the time.

typography poster &

typography visual poster

There is something about the use of colour that I like. It seems very simple but works well. Also the vintage look is what attracted my attention. Images are basically just shapes in one colour and main focus is on the type.

Now it’s time to go back to Project 3.

There was a time when I thought that looking at practitioners’ work will only make me copy them without even thinking but now I can see how it only prompts new ideas in my head.

Noma Bar was my next inspiration where he uses only shapes and colours to play around with but I could create something similar and find a way to incorporate text in there.

noma bar

nom bar 2

I could talk about what I am going to do all day but now its time to experiment. I haven’t got any solid slogans yet but I will play around with what I have got so far and hope that will generate some good ideas.

Here is only one of my ideas which I have managed to present visually creating a poster in Photoshop. “Protect your mind” or “Protect your thoughts” or “Defend your thoughts”. I am not quite sure what the final slogan could be.

placard 1

My idea is to do the helmet as a cut out rather than a poster so as the person that is holding the placard can place it in front of their face and it would look like they are wearing a helmet. That would make it a bit more interactive.

How I came to this idea is protect your mind,thoughts=head=helmet, protect/defend=soldier. Type also plays a role of a pattern on the helmet and helmet is a simple shape.


Project 3 a manifesto

We have been introduced to our final project for this year and we need to create 3 A2 placards. This is going to be an interesting one. I am not even worried about getting the ideas and I found my creative voice already now I just need to make sure that the message is clear and I dont over complicate things. I am not very confident with typography so I will need to experiment a lot more.

I am planning to create each placard different style and I like the idea of having 3 to do. Maybe it requires more work but how I see it is that I will get a chance to explore more ideas without having to make a compromise.

It might be tricky because all I can play around with is type which has to speak for itself. Images can only be an addition to it but not the main focus and type itself can create an image. Also I can pick what shape of the placard to use. It all has to work together and it has to be thought through and each choice has to have a reason behind it.

I am planning to make one of the placards with a photograph of a 3D image, one type only that creates an image-calligram and one images and type.

I can explore ideas from my manifesto created in October last year and here is just a reminder of it ( Manifesto ).

I quite like the last one. It reminds me of Anthony Burrill’s “Work hard and be nice to people”. How I see it is to be nice to yourself first and it will reflect on how you treat others. Also many people beat themselves up for not being able to do things that they feel they have to in order to please other people. Like Einstein said:

Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Okey I will stop there because now my sociologist side is coming out. That could be why I will enjoy this project. Actually I always enjoy everything that I do, even if you give me a stick and a stone I will find a way to turn it into something fun.


Few workshop outcomes.

I was kind of into making 3D type and created some jewellery.

This could be a placard by itself the “F” word made out of a foam.

The F raindeer

A bit of a collage. I have totally disregarded the rules and spent on each letter longer than I supposed to. This actually gave me an idea to possibly create one placard with a slogan about environment and do the type using “rubbish”.

David Hockney and photomontage

It’s time for me to kind of go back to all of my briefs and see what I can improve when it comes to my final pieces. While doing project 2 we were given a little booklet with examples of collages:

collage 1.jpg

collage 2.jpg

collage 3.jpg

We have also been shown what can be achieved using only a photocopier. This reminds me of the days at work when I would scan my face on the photocopier while the manager wasn’t watching.

I have come across David Hockney and very much got inspired by his photomontage. That has given me an idea to use the dark room where I can process already taken images or even take new photos and create a photomontage.

david hockney
Pearlblossom Highway 1986

Even though I have tried to be up to date with all the briefs it’s good to go back having a lot more knowledge about the processes that can be used. Most probably when I see my previously work I will laugh at it. Now that I have seen many more examples of collage I can see that my idea of collage was quite limited. It’s tricky to explain but even though I have done collages before and photomontage too, when it comes to creating my work I kind of suffer from amnesia and all my knowledge disappears. That is why practicing is important as it not just refreshes your knowledge but also develops it.

david hockney 2
Hockney’s mother

This may look simple but I assume that It involves planning rather than just selecting random images. I will find out when I give it a go by myself.

I have always had a faith in my tutors but now I can see everything piecing together. Each module relates to one another and having all the modules completed now I keep it in mind when approaching a new project or going through the briefs again. Having an access to all the facilities is a huge benefit.




Feedback time!!

I was looking forward to seeing other peers’ work and I am very impressed. I have seen some great ideas and the vibe in the studio was very positive today. I like how we have worked together and supported each other. Even though we all will be in the same industry, competing is not always healthy and we can learnt more by working together rather than against each other.
Roger is a professional and he tried to recreate one of the scenes. He had a day out with no strings, he is a free man now. I liked the feedback I got today: It was bonkers!!. The animation reflects my personality and I am glad that it made people laugh and it was received the way I aimed for it to be received.

Collection of stills. I made a silly mistake and rather than using one of the pictures I have taken I did a screen shot of the video on my phone so obviously quality had to suffer for it.

Roger also enjoyed some popcorn. Well deserved for the hard work. I am going to sound crazy but I am kind of sad the project is over as I have really enjoyed it. Now Roger will be just a decoration in my room unless I decide to create more episodes. I kind of got attached to it as it occupied majority of my time for the past few weeks.

I got a free nose and lip job too haha. How good is that.

I must say I am very pleased with the outcome and you know your heart is in it if you even dream about the project. I may come across very cocky but If I know I have done a good and hard job I never pretend to be shy about it so other people won’t feel bad. I am not competitive and the only person I compete with is myself. I set the barrier for myself higher every time as I want to learn quick and as much as I can because I know that 3 years will go past fast. I like to receive feedback regardless if I will like it or not and I like the fact that my effort is being appreciated by tutors. Critique is for you to learn from no to put you down.

This has been a learning curve for me. The more experimentation you do with your work the more you learn about the process. It’s not only what I have learnt about animation but also time management, how to approach research and also now I am more confident working with my sketchbook. My sketchbook is my second brain so rather than relying on my memory I just put things down in my sketchbook straight away.

Over the years I have learn how not to let personal problems affect my work. University has been a bit of a therapy for me and it keeps my mind occupied with fun and good things. It’s a win win situation.

Project 2- Art Direction

Wasting no time and cracking on with my Project 2 from day one left me enough time to also focus on the backgrounds that I will use and to create my own. There is a lot of advice that we were given by our tutors and it all became useful in the end. For instance: getting in the habit to shoot images in the landscape mode or to use moving image rather than still.

I have learnt a lot more than anticipated. Being a director was a challenge but yet being fully in charge of the project was a huge learning curve. Even though the final is in May I am challenging myself to finish it for the crit day as I want to improve my time management and organisational skills. I know it’s good at the moment but there is always space for improvement. I am glad that I have managed to organise and finish the shoot in the day as editing is the hardest part. As a beginner Youtube is my tutor.

Choosing to use a puppet I knew it was inevitable to have to ask for help. Having to take loads of pictures of the puppet in different positions was a bit of a yoga exercise and a lot of stretching.

Having a detailed storyboard was a huge help too as I could refer back to it all the time and it kept me more organised.

Homemade studio.

I never knew that I would be looking for creepy alleyways where I can take good shots. It was refreshing to walk around with your eyes wide open and noticing things I haven’t noticed before. I like the fact that my tutor trusts me knowing I won’t just go to the pub instead or go home. When I found a good spot near the Spitalfields Farm my camera battery decided to die and my phone too. I don’t give up easily so I will return there.

Hanbury Street


Teenage bedroom made from scratch

Creating my own bedroom was pure fun. For the posters I have used only one magazine “timed out” all the rest is years of me being a huge fun of miniatures and collecting everything I like. No, I am not a hoarder.

Who would have thought that I will spend a night having a party in the cardboard box.


I must say that the work I have put it was hard but this is the type of hard work that I do not mind. I have not complained a bit and the amount of ideas that came out while shooting was incredible.

Stills from the video

Creating static effect in Adobe After Effects. Thank you Youtube.

Trying to make him drink was a hard part but my problem solving skills proved to be really good.

Link to the finished piece:

3D and mixed media workshop.

Yet another productive day. We have been introduced to Dragon Frame and created a GIF. Also our tutor showed us what can be achieved using just a photocopier and also we have been shown examples of great collages. Unfortunately I am not going to include any of these as I didn’t experiment too much just yet.

Here is one of the scenes I have made, where the Deadline is popping up in the toilet.



Designing my own character was a challenge. I have looked at some inspirations and advice from, for example Pixar, not that I am even close to their level. They have showed how hundreds and hundreds of sketches were done in order to achieve desired character.

This is some of the experiments plus the final design that I have decided to use, obviously it will be drawn neatly.


My brain is generating ideas faster that it can process it. It just shows how when you do something you are passionate about your brain comes to life in full power. I think that I would possibly find myself better at doing this rather than drawing. Moving image might be my type of thing.

Playing around with the 3D version of the toilet scene. My toilet coffee mug will be used but I think I need to make the Deadline a lot bigger and also try and animate it so as it looks like it’s laughing.


Final storyboard. Obviously during and possibly after the filming changes will be made. Now my job is to breakdown each individual scene and create attributes needed for it.


storyboard 2


I will be creating my own backgrounds and I will give me initial idea a go which is using videos. However videos will be recorded by me rather than using videos found on the internet.

Doing the collage and preparing images for GIF once again generated a lot of new ideas which will be used in the final piece.